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Balkon3 web-site is intended to serve as a joint cultural platform between the three neighboring counties providing information on culture, art, sports, dance, gastronomy, literature, music, natural beauties in Turkey, Greece and Macedonia. It will mainly consist of articles and videos on different cultural issues originating from the three counties and covering ongoing culturally related events.

The project Balkon3 is developed from the idea of IVLP alumni from Turkey, Greece and Macedonia, who cooperate and communicate on daily basis since their joint venture on US program in 2008. Thomas Tsatsis, journalist from Greece,  Mine Ergur, journalist from Turkey and Darko Chekerovski, journalist from Macedonia.

There is a long record of political turbulence and instabilities between the three neighboring countries in the Region – Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. These unfavorable historic events have led to much political conflicts between the three counties including denying each others political, ethnic and historical identity. However and despite all past and current mutual conflicts, the three countries are strongly tied by a common historic and cultural heritage which manifests in shared and similar cuisine, music, traditions,  etc. Therefore production of a multi-cultural web page which will present cultural information on these countries and in the three local languages, will promote the cultural link and cooperation among the local nations an by that contribute towards advancement of the general understanding between the three nation. The target group of this Project will be the general public in the three countries.

The web-portal will offer most of its content for free. However, it will also have a premium content section which will be available for a fee. In this sense, over the mid term (after the expiry of the initial funding) the project would acquire cost recovery capacity. In addition, the portal will offer advertising space to companies from Macedonia, Greece, and Turkey (contingent on ratings). The donor base will be diversified in the mid term. Given the nature of the project, it could also be of potential interest to corporate donors who will be intensively engaged.



  • Goce Trpkovski
  • Meri Chekerovska
  • Nikola Ilievski
  • Mirko Trajanovski


  • Thomas Tsatsis
  • Sophia Nikolaou


  • Mine Ergur
  • Cuneyt Onder

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