Interview with “Letecki Pekinezeri”


“Its all music” was the response of one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time, Duke Ellington to the numerous debates on how to define jazz. In a relaxed atmosphere in the club MKC, together with Bojan Petkov and Ivo Soldatovic from the jazz group “Letecki Pekinezeri” we spoke about Elington, Elvis Presley, jazz music and whether there’s a jazz scene and jazz lifestyle in Macedonia.

bojan i ivo

Besides Ivo (clarinet) and Bojan (guitar), the band also consists of Peter Hristov (saxophone), Cyril Tufekchievski (bass) and Slavcho Kocev (drums). A few months ago the jazz quintet released their debut album of original music, and they are already working on the second edition. They were playing their new material on one of the informal socializing nights before the 30th anniversary edition of the Skopje Jazz Festival, held in October. “Almost all of the performers at the festival were part of the audience and we saw that they had interest in our music. They were enjoying it and also counted the rhythm” – say Ivo and Bojan. For this performance they received compliments from arenown critic from the Italian magazine “Jazz Music”, who was one of the guests of the festival. “We were honored to play, because “Skopje Jazz Festival” is one of the best in Europe and the audience has an opportunity to see world’s best artists. But for us it is most important that we enjoy while playing, because this is the purpose of music.”