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Why some people behave brutally to animals?


Hundreds of cases of abuse of animals in every corner of the Greek territory demonstrate a barbaric behavior against pets and animals.

“The Panhellenic Federation for the Environment and the Animal welfare” and “The Panhellenic Coordinating Committee Animal welfare” are both associations that provide answers about the causes and consequences of the animal-friendly culture that characterizes Greeks.

During the workshop “A meeting for the European perspective of animal welfare in Greece Culture of Today” held in Athens on October 31, 2011 more than 25 speakers expressed their scientific and empirical arguments concerning the treatment and practice, reserving humans to animals both in Greece and abroad.

Leading scientists on the subject, law, ethics, philosophy, members of animal lovers organizations, teachers, schools, ministries, municipalities, institutions, sectors of the EU, explained their views and they documented scientific conclusions about the social, economic, environmental and moral problems, which are directly or indirectly connected with animals, whether they are owned or strays, whether pets or productive.

Authorities  talked about the education, the ignorance, the myths, the exploitation of animals by humans, and the progress that is synonymous with a guarantee of profit.

The audience was crowded in spite of the date of such an event, especially given that the meeting was held on a working day was. Friends and volunteers travelled from every corner of Greece to attend this important meeting and discuss the brutal behavior that animals show, especially the ones which are not kept in an animal-friendly culture that exists in other developed European countries.

In conclusion it was stated that our love for animals cannot be considered a luxury not even in these very difficult times.


The so-called “vareloskyla” are dogs, who shepherds and farmers bound (until their death) in the middle of nowhere … to keep watch of herds.

The animals are usually found accidentally (as only the torturers know them well enough to have them tied) in the countryside or in the mountains. They are destitute, malnourished, tied with chains next to cut open metal drums, without food and water.

“Vareloskyla” usually,  just at the sight of people, try to hide. They are all are phobic, terrified, bony, left at the mercy of their owners.

The criminal behavior of most shepherds,  not only in Crete, contributes to this endless drama. Especially in Crete and in Ikaria in every corner, every village, every pasture the situation is out of control.

Police started taking the complaints about these crimes seriously because of the many pressures that have been exercised. But unfortunately this is not enough.

It requires a comprehensive action by the Police, the lovers unions, the prefectures, municipalities and the Public Prosecutor. The attitude of farmers towards animals is inhumane, immoral, uncivilized and represents Greece in the eyes of the world through the tourists, who often make complaints being the witnesses of this horror.

Animals have intelligence and are indispensable in the chain of life. Every one of us who respects nature, respects them as well. None of us has the right to abuse them considering them as property.

Elen Iliopoulou