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Which is the Greek island without snakes?

The correct answer– it really is Anafi (“an-ofis”, i.e. without snakes) –  was sent back via Twitter to Paolo Nespoli, an Italian astronaut from the European Space Agency on mission at the International Space Station. His picture of the tiny island of Anafi in Cyclades (Aegean Sea) is one of many taken of our blue planet.

Anafi Island photographed from space

Nespoli shared  hundreds of Earth’s photographs he took from space on line and got enthusiastic replies after each post from the world for the whole 159 days he lived on the space station doing technical maintenance work.

Many of his spectacular photographs are on display at the Eugenides Foundation, Greece’s leading Space Science and Technology Institute. The exhibition is titled “A journey into space, through the photos of the European Space Agency (ESA)”,  is admission-free(weekdays 11:00 – 20:30, reservations at +30 210 9469688)and will be on until April 12th. .The exhibition was inaugurated by Nespoli himselfon March 21st.Interviewed by newspaper Kathimerini prior to his opening speech, the 54-year-old astronaut from Milano said that “When we’re on Earth we can only see as far as the eye can see, but when you see all of this from above, you realize that we are all much closer to one another.”

Paolo Nespoli

For those planning on joining the Eugenides Foundation activities it is worth also visiting the Institute’s new Planetarium, the biggest one in Europe ( ) and attend one of its beautiful shows about the Earth and the Universe. After all, seen from  Nespoli’s eyes “Earth is like a beautiful blue ship sailing through space.”

Sophia Nikolaou