Guide to SKOPJE

When Heat Wave Comes to Town


Accompanied by the usual calls of warning to the citizens, mid-summer’s heat wave in Athens is seen as a regular, inevitable event … OK, so July is here again! And temperatures reach as much as 44 ° C in the city center…

Our city full of concrete with so little open green spaces seems to attract heat like a magnet and keeps it there.

The sea is the popular escape, just 20 minutes away from the center. People flood the beaches to the south and east of the city. Plenty of accessible free spots to swim are really a blessing for everyone. Even the so-called “organized” beaches (entrance fee included), which in a usual weekday look like this…

…during heat waves they rather look like this!

The National Garden near Syndagma Square is another popular spot and a great place to refill your water bottle with spring water from the rocky fountain (walk straight from the entrance on Amalias Avenue).The ducks of the central pond may prefer the sun,

but humans go for its shady lawns and benches.

Shade and water (and emergency air-conditioned spaces) literally save lives here. You will see bottles of water (bought cold from any kiosk) carried around by everyone. Asian immigrants make a living by selling seasonal necessities, such as these paper umbrellas that appear more and more in town these days.

Everybody knows it is necessary to cover your head… however you can!

Right in front of the Parliament there is the most famous spot for spontaneous refreshment: the Syndagma Square marble fountain.

Kotzia Square (Town Hall Square) is maybe the next bestchoice and a multi-purpose fountain too.

One thing is for sure: “It is not cold in Greece…” as the Greek ska band Locomondo wisely put it.

Sophia Nikolaou