Guide to SKOPJE


Special grand prize of new year’s lottery inTurkey is 40 millions liras. Whether this 40 millions Turkish liras, (almost 21 million dolar or 16 million euro), dreams of millions, additional hopes to people’s new year’s hopes, will find its owner, we can’t know for now. But, according to the recent information, the tickets nearly run out, few of them left and the drawing day is 31 December… Authorities state that the 40 millions liras, if made out of 8 millions bills of the smallest denomination 5 liras, are put together from the ends mean an extension area fromIstanbultoAthens. If it constitutes bills of 200 liras denomination, it is expected to weight 226 kilos.

Of course if you want to be the owner of the 40 millions liras prize you need to buy a full ticket. The prize changes accordingly in the half and quarter tickets. And to your chance, who knows if there will be common owners!

InTurkey, National Lottery tickets have entered into millions of people’s pockets for long years with the slogan of “what if we win”… Specially those for the special new year drawing…

With a great wonder and of course with a limitless hope many of us run before the TVs to watch alive the drawing made in the last day of the year… When we were engaged with the celebrations till the morning and not able to watch it, the first thing we did as soon as we get up in the first day of the new year was to check the numbers of the tickets that we kept in our bags, pockets, or at the most secure place from the internet or the newspaper when we couldn’t even get rid of the sleepiness of the previous day… This year known scenarios will not change… As hopes and dreams are staying with us as long as we live, the dream of “what if we also win” will not leave us… Even for those who have won so far the smallest consolation prize that equals to the money we paid for the ticket.

Ticket sellers in many points ofIstanbulare drawing in even those who don’t plan to buy one ticket by shouting “let’s pick up one, it’s your turn to win”. Some people make long cues before lottery agencies which they believe to bring chance, some others try their chance in the traveling authorized buyers in the streets.

You ask me… Recently when I was looking at my horoscope in a magazine, which many of us actually don’t believe but can’t help reading, I read the statement “you are in your lucky day in terms of money”. What a coincidence! Same day in a small hovel fisher restaurant in Marmara coast in Silivri which we go with a group of friends there was a knock at the door in the winter cold… Traveling lottery seller came in. When he was swinging the tickets in his hand, I said “that’s ok, maybe this time it’s my turn”… I called the seller “one half ticket please”. One half ticket of 9 TL is now in my wallet… Hopefully waiting for the 31 December drawing… “What if I win?” That we should talked about it then, of course if you find me somewhere here… Good luck to you, to all of us!

 Mine Esen Ergur