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We all have a delicious cuisine but who eats the most?




Sometimes we argue whose dish musaka, sarma or baklava is, or whether it’s called doner or giro. In the end we come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter who invented them, what matters is they are part of our tradition and we really enjoy preparing and consuming them.

Our cuisines are brimming with delicious dishes, some can be found everywhere, some are specific for one region or even just one village, but the real question is how much we consume and whether it’s a bit too much.


According to the latest report from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations 20,5% of the population of southern Europe is overweight or obese. This problem is the least in Greece (17,5%) and the biggest in Turkey (29,3%) whereas Macedonia is somewhere in the middle with 20,3% of the population considered overweight.

American media presented the UN report in a jubilant mood since it proves that their country is no longer at the top of the list of developed countries with the biggest percentage of obese people.


Mexico took over that title with 32,8% leaving the US in the second place with 31,8% of overweight or obese people. Fortunately, we did not partake in this competition, still we seem to be far from the best in this category.

Japan has the least problem with obesity among developed countries with only 4,5% of overweight people. India and Bangladesh (they are considered to be undeveloped countries and the statistics is calculated separately) have incredible 1,5% and 1,1% of obese people respectively.    


A lot of calories, spices, big dishes and a mandatory afternoon nap are part of our everyday life. Are they the ones that help enhance the problem of obesity? Not really. If you read the experts’ analysis of this problem you will come to a different conclusion – we are not to blame the traditional way of life but the western lifestyle that we have adopted as society develops. Western way of life includes eating fast, irregular meals and stress which all makes us pay less attention to the quality of food we consume.     

Balkon3 team wishes that you enjoy the delicious, and most of all, quality specialties from Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. Still, you should be careful and eat moderately!

Goce Trpkovski