Guide to SKOPJE

Vrutok – natural, clean and infinitely beautiful

In case you are wondering where to spend your weekend and you don’t have a good idea, or you have a dilemma,  Balkon3 is here thinking of you:)

If you like fish and fish specialities there is no doubt you will like this place. Go to Vrutok, one of the most beautiful places in the region of Gostivar, a modern village with great ecotourism potentials.

It is the place where Vardar, the longest river in Republic of Macedonia (388 km), rises and flows down to the Aegean Sea connecting  Republic of Macedonia and Greece.

Attractive fish restaurants offer their golden and silver trout specialities, and all their fish comes from Vrutok fish farms.

Balkon3 team visited Vrutok.

Enjoy the natural beauty of Vrutok!