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Village Meat – gastronomic delight accompanied by excellent red wine

Village Meat is a Balkan dish for all seasons, but it is best consumed in colder weather having in mind that there are several different types of meat used to make it.

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And when you learn that this gastronomic delight is accompanied by red wine, then you understand why it is advised not to prepare it in the summer months. It probably got its name due to several kinds of meat used to make it, but despite the fact that it was once a specialty prepared only in the villages, today there is no restaurantwithout the Village Meat on their menu.

Don’t be afraid to try out your culinary skills. You may be surprised. It is easy to prepare and the only difficulty is the wait for the pot to be fully prepared in the oven – the smell of it is irresistible.


200 gr pork

200 gr veal

200 gr chicken

200 gr minced meat


300 gr mushrooms

yellow cheese


salt, pepper, mixed seasoning, paprika

2 garlic cloves

1 onion

1 pepper


a little flour and oregano

30 ml white wine

200 ml milk


First, cut the meat into small pieces.

Heat the pan with a little oil and butter and fry the veal first, then put the pork, then the chicken and finally the minced meat which must be formed into small balls.

selsko meso11Add the mushrooms, which can be fresh or marinated, together with the fresh pepper and the onion.

Put the fried mixture of meat and mushrooms in a large deep pan. If you wish to make an impression use a clay pot, but if you do not have one, any heatproof pan will do the job.

In the pan where you fried the meat and mushrooms add a little oil and 2 tablespoons of flour, fry it briefly and add 200 ml of milk to get a medium-thick Bechamel sauce. Add salt, mixed seasoning, pepper, bay leaf and the two cloves of garlic.

Bring the mixture to a boil so that the spices release their aroma. Sprinkle bukovec over it, drizzle with chopped parsley and finally pour the Bechamel sauce.

Put in the oven immediately and roast for about 20-30 minutes at 200˚C. A few minutes before it is ready add the grated yellow cheese on top, let it melt and form a crust. When it is ready sprinkle some parmesan over it that adds a special flavor to the dish.

It is not necessary to decorate it.

Hint: don’t eat much bread with it and make sure you don’t forget the wine.

Bon appetite!

Kristina Risteska