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The Canadian commander of the International Space Station in orbit around our planet since December 2012 and travelling at 5 miles/sec is tweeting his global impressions as we speak…and decided to dedicate a day to Greece.Chris Hadfield, on behalf of the Canadian Space Agency, launched aboard a Soyuz spacecraft alongside American and Russian colleagues for a scientific and technical project that will keep him living in space for 5 months. Among his other distinctions, he is the first Canadian to have walked in space. Furthermore, he is an experienced musician (rhythm guitar and vocals) and via the Canadian Space Agency’s website promises that “In Space Someone Will Hear You Sing”!

Hadfield’s tweets might be centered on one country of another (as the ISS passes from above them) but he sounds delighted and amazed by the beauty of our world in simply every country he lays his eyes upon. Could we all see ourselves with his eyes, and have something positive to say about everybody in this world?

You can search for your own special place among the astronaut’s tweets here:

Here are the tweets on Greece (January 15, 2013):

  1. Geia sas Elláda! [“Greece, Hello you all!”]

Clear skies over Greece today, will post photos tonight. That makes it unofficial Greece Day!

  1. Heraklion and the visible palace of Knossos, on the island of Crete, Greece
  2. Another, fuller view of Heraklion and Crete from a bit further back. From coast to coast, to Dia island and out to sea 
  3. Greece continues! From Sparta to Kalamata is a pretty wild drive, with a beautiful view on all sides
  4. Island of Rhodes, Greece- interesting that from space, you can see where the Colossus of Rhodes stood 2300 years ago 
  5. Patra, at the entrance to the Gulf of Corinth, Greece. Amazing how clearly the bridge stands out against the blue
  6. Athens, Greece. The cradle of so much of civilization and learned thought. 
  7. Here’s a map with the spots mentioned in Hatfield’s passage over Greece:

Well…if you don’t mind a personal comment, Hadfield’s comments and the blue colours of a beautiful sea made me think of my own favourite Canadian. And here are his words that came to mind…

“I can’t hear you but I feel the things you say

I can’t see you but I see what’s in my way

Now I’m floatin’, cause I’m not tied to the ground

Words I’ve spoken seem to leave a hollow sound”

Neil Young “I’m the Ocean”

Sophia Nikolaou