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Turkish drivers have the highest prices of oil in the Balkans

“When a dog bites a man that is not news, but when a man bites a dog that is news.” According to this old journalist aphorism the media should report only when prices of oil start dropping, instead of reporting every time they go up. It is a kind of a déjà vu moment when, every two weeks, the Regulatory Commission comes out with the same arguments that are completely insignificant to ordinary people. It’s due to increased prices of crude oil on the market, less production in the Middle East, different exchange rate between the denar and the dollar…and so on and so forth. All these things mean nothing to us when we reach the nearest petrol station and buy petrol with prices at a record level.

We did some research in the field, compared prices in the region and came to some surprising results. What is most interesting about this research is the analysis of oil prices in Turkey, which are by far the highest compared to all Balkan and some European countries. According to the official daily information on  a litre of Unleaded 95 RON costs €1,936 or 4,630 TRL. Norway is the only European country where fuel has higher prices, going up to €2,034.

In the Balkans Greece is the second most expensive country when it comes to fuel, where one litre of Unleaded 95 RON costs €1,813. The latest corrections of oil prices in Macedonia raised the price of Unleaded 95 RON which now costs €1,422 or 87,5 denars. Obviously, using a motor vehicle has become a luxury instead of an everyday need. This does not concern the citizens of Kosovo since they have the lowest prices in the region with only €1,100 per litre.

This week’s raise of prices will make us revise all our planned holidays, weekend trips or shopping tours that had the fuel expenditures calculated in the cost. Regarding the announcements for further increase of prices, we have no other option but to think creatively and find a most economical way of getting to the desired destination.

So, plan your route ahead and fill your tank at the cheapest petrol stations. If you are heading to Athens by car according to the route suggested by it will cost you €75 for a distance of 705 kilometres plus €18 for toll roads. The best option is to fill up the tank and drive at a lower speed in the hope that you will manage to drive a few kilometers more.

Should you decide to go shopping in Istanbul this adventure would need a more careful planning because you will be transiting one country. You could either go through Greece or Bulgaria. If you decide to take the route through Greece the fuel will cost you €85 for a distance of 821 km plus €4 for toll roads. On the other hand, Bulgaria has lower prices of oil €1,347 per litre of Unleaded 95 RON and €1,372 for Diesel, but you will have to travel most of the way on regional roads and very shortly on the motorways. This route is shorter but it will take longer to get to Istanbul so it is not recommended to travelers.

What we can recommend is not to set off on your journey without some basic necessities. A full tank, lots of good music and … carefully chosen travel companions. This is the most important thing because you will have someone to share the expenses with, whereas all the fun will cost be free.


Unleaded 95 RON €1,422 / 87,5 den.

Diesel €1,215 / 75,50 den.

LPG €0,794 / 49.00 den.


Unleaded 95 RON €1,813

Diesel €1,591


Unleaded 95 RON €1,936 / 4,630 TRL

Diesel €1,669 / 3,990 TRL

LPG €1,029 / 2,490 TRL