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Turkish businessman holds the world record in number of chess sets

The Turkish businessman Akin Gökyay owns the world largest collection of chess sets in the world. In a period of over 25 years he managed to collect 412 chess sets from hundreds of different countries.

In January this year the valuable collection of 412 chess boards and 13 184 chess pieces entered the Guinness Book of Records. Gokjaj, who is a lawyer, got interested in this hobby since his childhood. As a young boy he fell in love with the chess as a game, but also as a way of thinking.

„The chess is not just a game, it’s an instrument that teaches people to think and plan. Also it reflects the cultures of different countries. While playing chess you can learn parts of the history of many countries”, says Gokjaj.

Gökyay’s collection includes chess sets made of many different materials like metal, brass, marble, leather, stone and even fish bone. For these unique models he has paid from 200 up to 1300 dollars.

In his rich collection there are chess figures motivated by famous characters from well-known books or movies like The Smurfs or Lord of the Rings, but also figures that reflect the actual political relations in the world throughout the history.