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Turkish Breakfast – “Kahvaltı”


According to nutritionists breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Turkey has restaurants specialized in serving breakfast so as to encourage people not to skip it.  Visiting  these restaurants with the whole family has become a trend, especially in the big cities. If you are preparing for a business meeting in Turkey do not be surprised if, instead of a “working lunch”,  you are invited to a “‘working breakfast”.

Gazi-Vefa-Van-Kahvalti-Softasi912013104“I don’t know how you feel about food, but breakfast has something to do with satisfaction and happiness,” says the famous Turkish poet Dzemal Sureya in his two-line poem. It is his favorite, absolutely necessary meal that fills his soul, especially when the table is full of people, and then it becomes a source of endless pleasure.

If you think that a few bites from your bagel or simit, before getting to work or school, will do the job, you are completely wrong. It only eliminates hunger and is not a proper breakfast.

sofra  van kahvaltı sofrası 4

The Turkish word “kahve-altı” means having breakfast before morning coffee. In recent years breakfast, especially during weekends in Turkey, has become a ritual of its own kind. Restaurants with a wide range of meals on offer and impeccable service have started a race to attract a greater number of customers. Having breakfast at these restaurants together with the whole family is not only a social activity, it has become a fashion.

van2  IMG_1214

The most famous restaurants at breakfast time are  Van Restaurants (Van is a city in the far east of Turkey). They are special because they have long years of experience and all products are made on the spot, they are natural and absolutely delicious. Those familiar with the menus say “You don’t have to eat to feel full”. The price for one person is about 25 liras (10 euros) and here’s what you get for your money, or what a traditional Turkish breakfast consists of …


Herb cheese

Sheep’s milk and twenty different herbs are used to make this cheese. In the region they are known as wild herbs, such as wild fennel, garlic shoots, thyme and mint. This type of cheese together with the herbs it contains, can help digest food and cleanse the blood from microorganisms.



Main ingredients are butter, flour and eggs so it is similar to pancakes. It is usually served with honey and jam.



It is prepared by frying wheat flour on oil until it turns into mash. It is very tasty and always on offer at Van breakfast restaurants.

med i susamovo maslo

Honey and sesame oil

The irresistible tastes of Van breakfast clubs. It is made with karakovan (black beehive), a very popular kind of honey, and sesame oil.

For more information about karakovan go to:

vanski taraturVan Taratur

Main ingredients are sour cream or cream cheese sprinkled with parsley and dill.

med i kaymak

Karakovan (black beehive) honey and kaymak (milk cream)

Karakovan honey is made by Caucasian bees out of 1200 different kinds of flowers in about 30 cm inside Mulberry trees. The honey stays inside the trees for 6 months without any light. The most important feature is that it is produced exclusively by bees without any human intervention.

vankahvaltieviBreakfast clubs offer white cheese, yellow cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, salad, butter, eggs (fried eggs with sucuk) menemen (a dish made with eggs, tomatoes, onions and peppers fried in a pan), nuts and tea as much as you like.

Enjoy breakfast with Balkon3.