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Turkey has its own Loch Ness


People love unsolved mysteries. They enjoy reading about mythological creatures or supernatural phenomena. Some mystery lovers read these stories for sheer amusement, whereas others believe they are true. That is why we still have the well-known legends of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, or less known ones such as the legend of Chupakabra in Mexico and Puerto Rico.

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Some of these stories are interesting tourist attractions because people love to investigate into these legends and myths by themselves. Balkon 3 team had a chance to get firsthand experience of it while searching for Nessie the Loch Ness Monster in lake Ness in Scotland.
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As we were investigating into the subject we learned about another, perhaps less known, but equally interesting monster that supposedly lives in Turkey in Lake Van, which is the largest lake in the country.

Unlike popular Nessie, whose first sighting was reported in the sixth century, the Turkish one became a hit in the early 20th century when the first photos, videos and testimonies appeared. The monster of Lake Van is “younger” and originates from about 1995.loch ness tr (1)
In Turkey it is known as “Van Golu Canavarı” or simply as the monster of Lake Van. In 1997, after a young man made ​​an amateur video where the monster is allegedly seen, the local story became world news. Since then, there have been more than 1,000 people who reported to have met “face to face” with the Monster and all survived to tell their incredible adventure.
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Similar to its doppelganger in Scotland, the Turkish monster is about 15 meters long with a hump that most witnesses report to have seen its hump floating on the surface of the lake.
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Perhaps this monster does not attract tourists as Nessie, but Lake Van is frequently visited by scientists, adventures and curious tourists hoping to spot the “new” monster. Even if they don’t see it, their journey is not in vain because this salt watered lake is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, archeological findings, volcanoes… Dare to go on an adventure trip and visit Lake Van. You might just become one of the lucky few who have met the monster.

Author: Balkon3