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Turkan Soray, I would stay in Skopje, only if I fall in love

Turkan Soray, the Turkish movie queen

A career desired by many young actresses. She has appeared in more than 200 movies and, she is a record keeper.  She’s been elected a UNESCO Good Will Ambassador for Turkey.

With an elegant, classic black dress, the queen of Turkish cinema appeared in front of the journalists, all happy, excited, and smiling – having found herself for the first time in Rumelia, her mother’s home country. “I am very happy to be here, in Skopje. I had no doubts in attending the opening ceremony. My mother has a Rumelian background and I’ve spent my childhood listening to Rumelian songs. I do know that Turkish movies are quite popular in Macedonia” – said Turkan Soray – the “sultan” of Turkish movies.

Soray was born in 1945, inIstanbul, in a typical Turkish family to worker father and a housewife mother. She first appeared on screen at the age of 15. By today, she has starred in more than 200 movies, and she also writes scenarios and directs movies. In 2010 she’s been elected a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador forTurkey.

The leading role she had in the Ms Dila movie is very important to her. The movie is based on the book Macedonia 1900 which was written by the famous Turkish writer, Nexati Xumali. The movie takes place on the Balkan territory.

At her meeting with the journalists, she confirmed that her knowledge of Macedonian is very poor, but she wished for a similar film festival to be held inIstanbul, so that she would attend the opening ceremony there.

Asked by the journalists if she would like to stay inSkopje, she says:”I don’t know…maybe…but only if I fall in love” she answers with a smile.” I have many responsibilities inTurkey. Yet, let me first do some sightseeing inSkopje. If I like it, then we’ll see” – she adds.

The Girl with the Red Scarf

The queen of Turkish cinematography, the famous actress, Turkan Soray recently opened the third in a row “Turkish Movies Week” (23-27 November) at the cinema Premium in Skopje’ mall Ramstore and in Bitola. The festival was opened with the famous Turkish movie The girl with the Red Scarf which is based on the short story The Red Scarf by Cengiz Aytmatov. The script tells about a village girl Asya who falls in love with a truck driver, Ilyas, and gets married with him. However, he carries on having an affair… Turkan Soray plays the leading role and the movie is considered to be a masterpiece of the Turkish cinematography.