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To Serve and Protect: Meet the Ezerani Park Rangers


While most of us work in weekdays and wait for a little precious spare time to spend in nature, some were lucky enough to have nature as their working place. Borche Lazarovski, Toni Dzepovski are two of the three rangers working in their 1.917 hectare “office”. This is a story about them.

The Ezerani Park is one of the most important places for European birds. Up to 42 percent of the bird species found in Europe can be spotted in that small area. Just like every wetland, it’s a gate between the land world and the water world, a place that attracts all the swimmers, the walkers, and especially the flyers among animal species. For many years the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) along with the Swiss Agency for development and cooperation, state officials and the local self-government put in a lot of effort to protect the area. The rangers unit works for three years now. They are the people that would halt every passer-by, not to show them the way out, but to help them.They will tell visitors where they can and cannot walk in order not to endanger the fragile ecosystems, and to help the people find their way around…

Authors: Darko Chekerovski, Goce Trpkovski
Camera: Ognen Acevski
Editor: Mile Manev
Production: Balkon3