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Time – Moments from Turkey


25 different views about contemporary Turkey in a photo exhibition in Athens. On occasion of the 25th anniversary of Zaman Daily Newspaper, 25 world-known photographers had been invited to take pictures at different times in various regions of Turkey. From 16/11 – 09/12 2012 the exhibition travels to Athens, titled “Time – Moments from Turkey”.

Photo: Bruno Barbey

Photo: Claudine Douri

Photo: Nikos Economopoulos

Jane Evelyn Atwood (US), Bruno Barbey (MA), Samuel Bollendorff (FR), Eric Bouvet  (FR), Kathryn Cook (US), Claudine Doury (FR), Carolyn Drake (US), Nikos Economopoulos (GR), Rena Effendi (AZ), George Georgiou (CY), Harry Gruyaert (BE), Guillaume Herbaut (FR), Ed Kashi (US), Massimo Mastrorillo (IT), Steve McCurry (US), Davide Monteleone (IT), Christopher Morris (US), Paolo Pellegrin (IT), Anders Petersen (SE), Reza (AZ), Anthony Suau (US), Gaël Turine (BE), Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt (BE), Ami Vitale (US), Vanessa Winship (GB).

Their pictures were exhibited in various venues of Istanbul starting last November. The pictures chosen for the exhibition were planned to travel in cities around the world the following year.

Photo: George Georgiou

Photo: Rena Effendi

Photo: Anders Petersen

More than 150 works will be on display in a major Athens venue, the Technopolis municipal cultural centre in the old gas factory (Gazi district). Technopolis Dimou Athineon
100 Pireos st.

Sophia Nikolaou