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Three Greek Beaches among Top 10 in Europe

According to the readers of Tripadvisor, one of the most popular tourist websites, Eggremni beach on the island of Lefkada, Navagio on Zakynthos and Elafonissi on Crete deserve to be on the list of Top 10 beaches in Europe (

Eggremni is a wonderful beach located on the south part of the Ionian island Lefkada, 30 km from the capital Lefkas. It is a long, white sandy beach surrounded by tall, rocky cliffs. Crystal clear, turquoise sea elicits sighs even from the most fastidious of tourists. Yet, it is not easy to get to this kind of beauty. The car park is located at 150 metres above sea level, which means you need to go down 347 steps to get to the beach and those who have been there say that going up is much harder. That’s why you should get the most out of your day at the beach. Relax, freshen up in the sea and have fun in the beach bars 🙂

Navagio beach or Shipwreck beach is the most recognizable and most photographed place on the Ionian island of Zakynthos. It owes its popularity to the shipwreck that looks like it is rising from the sand. Apparently, the accident happened in 1983 when cigarette smugglers stranded their ship on the rocky coast of Zakynthos while trying to escape Greek coast guard forces, thus it is also known as Smugglers Cove. The only way to reach this paradise beach is by sea. There are boat tours departing every half an hour from Porto Vromi.

Elafonissi is actually a small island connected to Crete and it is possible to walk to it through the shallow water if the weather is fine and the sea is calm. Elafonissi or the Deer Island has a wonderful beach with pink coral sand and clear blue sea.   It used to be a wild, deserted place for a long time, but it has recently started gaining popularity among tourists. You can get there by car from the village of Vati, or by boat sailing from the village of Paleochora.

Tripadvisor’s list of Top 10 breathtaking European beaches includes two beaches from Spain and Italy, and one from Croatia, Turkey and Portugal.