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Thessaloniki: little surprises off the beaten track

Everyone wants to see the most important sights of the cities they visit. Grand buildings, squares, open spaces, bridges, towers, temples, statues … These are the reason why we travel and in many cases the cities prove to be worth a visit. Yet, I am sure you have never stepped off the tourist track marked in the map that you took from the hotel or tourist info, so be prepared for a nice surprise. You are entering the world of ordinary life in the city of your choice. And it offers many things that deserve your attention. A small, interesting family house, narrow streets that belong in a remote village rather than a big city, curious pets, interesting graffiti or murals painted on the wall of an old building and many other things. Of course, there are pleasant people who welcome you with a smile, thinking that you may have got lost, and then show you the way back to the well-trodden route. They are often surprised when you tell them you really want to look into their world.  In our gallery of Thessaloniki you will not find the famous landmarks of the city. Not that anything is wrong with the White Tower, Hagia Sophia, St. Demetrius church, or the Arch of Galerius and the Rotunda. This time we decide to discover the beauty that lies behind them.

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