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Thessaloniki Documentary Festival features over 200 documentaries


Film fans in Greece, and all those movie fans who plan to visit its second largest city, Thessaloniki, must not miss the international Thessaloniki Documentary Festival which is being held from 15th  – 24th  March. It celebrates film art for ten days, and its repertoire features documentary films from almost all continents which will satisfy the tastes of all viewers. The festival celebrates the 15th anniversary of its existence and is considered one of the best in Europe when it comes to documentaries.

This year, there are about 200 documentaries from 45 countries and over 50 films from Greece. The festival was opened by the award-winning film “First Position” by Bess Kargman, a film about young ballet dancers aged 9-18 and the strength of mind and body they need to possess.

One of the most interesting Greek documentaries is “To the Wolf”, a Greek-British co-production filmed in the mountains of western Greece. The documentary tells the story of two shepherd families who are trying to overcome the economic crisis. The film received positive reviews at its debut at the Berlin Film Festival. Then there is “Little Land”, a film by Nikos Dayandas who was awarded for his film “Sayome” last year. In his latest film Dayandas tells the story of a young couple who are dissatisfied with urban life and are trying to find happiness on the remote Aegean island of Ikaria.

The Thessaloniki Festival does not only feature documentaries. It has many other side-events such as exhibitions, round-table discussions, promotions and concerts. It gives an opportunity to enjoy art and film in Thessaloniki.

Watch the trailer of the documentary which opened the festival:

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