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Theatre in Prespa erases boundaries between neighbors



Theatre in the open happens every year from 6 to 11 July on the shores of Lake Prespa, where for more then one dacede it’s held the International Theatre Festival “Actor of Europe”. This festival established itself as one of the most important cultural events in the Prespa region and the Republic of Macedonia. On the festival their participation took one of the most important names of domestic, regional and international theater scene.

Each year in the traditional spirit of cultural cooperation between Macedonia, Albania and Greece, opening of the festival is on the three languages that are spoken in the Prespa Lake, Macedonian, Albanian and Greek, which on symbolic way at least for a moment erase borders around the lake. The festival is held outdoors in the beautiful setting of a court of Sarai in Resen (House of Culture).

“The festival will open on July 6 at 21 pm, with “Miss Julia” performed by the great actress Anne Peterson of Sweden, which during the opening ceremony will receive an honorary award for lifetime achievement. In addition to this performance the audience will follow performances from Slovenia, Albania, Greece, Serbia, Turkey and Macedonia-organizers say.

Here’s part of the plays that will be shown at the festival:

Совршена анализа

“Perfect analysis of a parrot”, Macedonia Author: Tennessee Williams Direcotor: Gjorgji Rizeski

 The Man Who

“The Man Who…”, Greece Author: Matei Visniec Director: Pavlos Danelatos

 Do not count

“Do not count”, Albania, Greece Author and director: Janis Perdikis Theater House “High Walls” Thessaloniki, Greece

 In prison

“In prison”, Turkey Author: Nazım Hikmet Director: Serkan Ustuner Bahcesehir University

On the following link you can find the program for the festival:

See some of the photos from beautiful Prespa:





Author: Balkon3