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How to get to Ohrid from Thessaloniki airport?

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      Can someone please give me an info, is there a connection of Ohrid airport with Thessaloniki airport and are there any connections by train, bus from Thessaloniki? Or how much will cost taxi ride from Thessaloniki to Ohrid?

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      Hello Darko

      last year I had guests ho wanted to fly back from Thessaloninki I found for them a taxi driver he is specialised in far distances its possible to negociate whit him, there are no trains ore busses ho crosses the border, the trains drive only from Bitola, its also possible to take de bus and pas the border by foot ore taxi and than take a bus to Thessaloniki very complicated. The taxi driver’s name is Pulecki Aco tel: 070-925-872 ore 078-225-872. greets Annelies.

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      Thank you Annelies!
      Much Obliged!

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