Guide to SKOPJE



The Aegean and the Mediterranean are inviting with their deep blue and sunshine still bright on the last days of October… Sea, sand, sun…

Now that the schools have started and holiday makers turned back home after summer entertainments, the region is calmer than it was in the past months… If you are looking for a break, autumn sluggishness, after the whole razzle-dazzle of the summer, turn your face again to the Aegean and the Mediterranean… Let your mind get rid of the whole complexity of the world and store energy for the winter…

Cirali sunrise

Here are some suggestions… Kuşadası, in the province of Aydın. The region draws attention especially in summer months, but thereafter in autumn as well.

Kusadasi seaside

The most important things that draw attention of local and foreign tourists are Ephesus Ruins in Selçuk, tracing back to Hellenistic era, which is very near to Kuşadası and the House of the Virgin Marry, which is defined as one of the most sacred places of the world among Christians. Thousand of tourists visit this region every year.

Wall with cloth wishes near Mary’s House, Meryemana, Turkey

If you happen to pass through these regions, I suggest you take the time to visit the slope village of Şirince, too. Here is a Greek town of 1800 families, which was renown in the 19th century for its export oriented fig production. But now its inhabitants are involved in grapery and olive production. The village with its protected historical architecture is one of the best places for tourist trips.

Sirince bazaar

Sirince bazaar

The Aegean, Mediterranean shores in September and October slowly turn from breathless hot weathers to gentle breeze… Here is Antalya, the most popular city of the Mediterranean, which encompasses many historical sites, sea, sun, eating, drinking, alternative sports tourism.  My station in the past weeks was Olympos in the Çıralı region, located approximately 1 hour away from Antalya airport.

Villa Lucca Hotel – Cirali

Villa Lucca Hotel – Cirali

Çıralı is the name of the village, which is 3-4 km away from Olympos Antique City that was established in the 2nd century BC. It bears a visual harmony with its coast of about 3.2 km, sea which makes one feel the eternity when mountains shadow their images  reflected upon the sea…

mountains shadow reflected upon the sea

Ancient Greek myths includes interesting stories related to Olympos. Like those regarding the gas resources in the region which are known as “Yanartaş” (Burning Stone). Here is one of them… Bellerophontes, on the back of the winged horse kills the fire-breathing monster here. According to rumours, the burning fires of today are the flames that come out of the killed monster. According to some others, Olympic Fire was brought from here for the first time. Its other name is “Non-extinguishing Fire of Olympos”. When flames coming out from among stones are combined with interesting stories, it becomes a point of visit for tourists in all seasons.

Caretta Caretta welcome to life

Cirali baby Caretta

What if I say Caretta Caretta… These are the sweet turtles which make Çıralı known to the whole world and to lovers of nature… These turtles do not get on the land for other reason than depositing their eggs. They are spread throughout the Mediterranean coast. One of the most attractive regions for nesting is Çıralı. On the cost of Çıralı, you may witness how little offsprings of these turtles, which are under protection due to being among endangered species, say hello to life…

Cirali caretta eggs

The Turkish Association of Natural Life Protection has carried out monitoring and protecting operations in this region towards turtles since 1994. I, too, walked along the cost one morning, just before sunrise.  I witnessed how offsprings get out of their shells and proceed stumbling towards the blue with the first light of the sun, at those areas which are surrounded by protecting cages by the guarding officers. While watching the sun rise in pleasure, I at the same watched little carretta carettas saying hello to life, with a big smile on my face just like the crowd next to me…

Cirali Sun Rising