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The other side of Iran: war, peace, love and hope on Iranian walls


Beer is not a crime” is a graffiti message that two artists sent to the public in Iran. In Iran drinking beer is considered a crime. Icy and Sot, two brothers who work in Tabriz, an Iranian megalopolis of 1.5 million inhabitants, literally swamped the streets, walls and other public areas with their graffiti.

The brothers’ street art does not often find public approval because of the regime in this country and because of people’s ignorance. That is why many of their works have been destroyed. Take a look at some of the works of art which may come as a shock to elitists who still believe that something like this is practically impossible in Iran.

Tehran Iran


Beer is not a crime

Boy and a flag Boy in the field

Broken Heart

Climbing Finding shelter

Happy face

Jump if you are happy Just Smile

Lonely boy



Text: Lupiga

Photo: Icy and Sot

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