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There are several versions of the story behind the name of this delicious dish, Imam Bayildi. Although the stories differto some extent, they all have the same ending – the Imam faints! According to some sources the Imam fainted because of the delicious taste of the meal his wife prepared, according to others it was the variety of the ingredients that struck him, and some claim he fainted due to overeating. Balkon 3 did some research and concluded that the following is the most probable story:



It was a time of war and hunger. There were many mouths to feed so people added corncob, nuts and tree bark to their corn flour. Because of the lack of food,people had onion and flour soup every day. Food was kept in the basement and was used in carefully measured portions. The Imam lived in those times of rations and hunger. He was a clever man and a frugal householder who filled his cellar with a lot of food. He wouldn’t let his wife use the food supplies so she was forced to make the same dish every day. After some time, she got angry and confronted him: “My lord, although we have large amounts of food in our cellar, we are still hungry. I am ashamed of being a woman and not being able to cook a meal of my choice… a fine, tasty meal.”- said the Imam’s wife.     




Is such a thing possible, woman? There is war and lack of food. We must be careful with our rations, unless you want us to starve?” – said the Imam. His wife was furious when she heard his words, so she took all their food supplies from the cellar and gave them away to their neighbours. There was only onions, tomatoes, peppers and aubergines left and she used them to prepare dinner for the Imam. He was unpleasantly surprised to see so many ingredients used for just one meal and started shouting angrily at his wife. “My lord, today is a special day. I have prepared a fine meal for you to recover your strength and to enjoy its taste.” Hearing his wife’s words the Imam softened, thanked her and tried the dish made from aubergine. Yet, he warned her not to put them to such expences ever again. After dinner he went down to the cellar to check on his supplies. What he found was an empty cellar. And then what happened? Well, he fainted!!!  

After Balkon 3 team found out the story behind the name of this delicious meal, we decided to share the recipe with you with great plasure 

The Imam fainted! (Imambayıldı)!


1 cup olive oil
• 3 sugar cubes
• 1 glass water
a little salt





white onions, medium size
• 3 green peppers
3-4 tomatoes
5-6 garlic cloves
• parsley
1 spoonful olive oil



Cut the aubergines in half, remove part of the flesh and chop it.

Cut the onions into long, thin slices, chop the tomatoes, peppers, parsley and garlic cloves. Put them in a large bowl and mix well. Stuff the aubergines with the mixture.

Put the aubergines in a baking pan, add olive oil,water, sugar and salt over them and close the lid. Bake in an oven at medium heat for about 30 minutes.



Enjoy Balkon 3 recipe and make sure you don’t faint :)))

Author: Husametin Gina