Guide to SKOPJE

The colors make the life different

Get yourslef dressed in cheerful colors and enjoy life. Beat the bad mood, get over the depression. That would be the basic message of the girls from folk groups who participated in the „International festival of spring festivities“ in the village Chalikli in the area of the city Valandovo. The guests of the festival had an opportunity to enjoy in the wonderful interpretation of the groups from Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Turkey. Balcony 3  will try to recapture the entire colour palette of the festival through the folk costumes.

Beautiful performance of the folk group from Valandovo

Folk group from Chalikli

It's over with the folklore. It's time for posing

The hosts are the happiest

The Rose as an integral part of folk costume

Folklore group of Western Thrace (Greece)

And the trend is also included - piercing and glasses

Folk group from Bulgaria

Impressive long hair...

Folklore group from Ukraine

Elegance, charm, glamour...

Folklore group from Ankara TRT (Turkish Radio Television)

Pu, Pu mashala!

Elegance and beauty...

Husamedin Gina