Guide to SKOPJE

The beauty of Prevalla

February arrived in Prevalla without bringing a single snowflake. The residents of this resort, especially the older generations, do not remember a winter without any snow, especially in this ski resort which sits at 1500 meters above sea level.


Prevalla amazes you with its God given beauty, however, we are well aware that beauty is nothing when there is no one to see it. We were there witnessing that visitors are leaving after a day or two in the mountains due to lack of snow.


Prevalla is situated on Shar Mountain on Kosovo territory, only 28 kilometers from Prizren and 80 kilometers from Skopje. Apart from Kosovars, the citizens of Skopje are frequent visitors to this tourist center. They say they like the fresh air and they keep coming here to “fill their batteries” or  gather strength to continue work that awaits them.


However, the lack of snow this winter has turned Prevalla into a ghost city with no visitors. You can rarely spot an old man walking in the fresh air.

prevala04 prevala05

But, what was Prevalla like a year ago, when there was a snow cover nearly one meter thick. One could hardly find a place to stay because all the villas were booked in advance. The mountain echoed with the noise of children having snowballs fights, sledding or skiing.


prevala07 prevala08

For all the foodies out there, we bid you farewell with this pie, the clear water of Shar Mountain and a refreshing drink that can only be found in Prevalla. We stop here and cannot reveal anything else. It is your turn now to come and visit this resort.

prevala09 prevala10


This is the real Prevalla, Prevalla we all know…

Bedri Rexhallari