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Sweet memories


Childhood, a time in our lives when we are totally carefree. A time which we never forget and always go back to in our memories. When I think of it memories come rushing into my mind. Saturdays were almost always reserved for family walks through the city park, a visit to the zoo or the amusement park. When we behaved ourselves, and we did, my father would buy us some cotton candy, caramelized apples or caramelized candy in different shapes. I know that it wasn’t healthy for us, our teeth, but one can afford a little sweet sin from time to time. Anyway, it was a good way to maintain energy. Ah, sweet lovely memories and how much I love the smell of caramelized sugar.

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A few months ago, during my last visit to Istanbul, as we were enjoying the view of the Golden Horn from the Pierre Loti, one of my friends reminded me of those wonderful days, and images of caramelized apples and candy in the shape of roosters came to mind. Feeling nostalgic, I got an idea to take you back to your childhood and present you a recipe for homemade caramelized apples. Also, it is the apple harvest time, so here is a creative way to use this delicious fruit.


– 10 small apples

– 500 gr sugar

– 110 ml water

– 1 spoonful vinegar

– 2 spoonfuls of honey

– red food coloring

– 10 wooden sticks

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First, wash the apples and wipe them with a dry soft cloth. Remove the stems and put a wooden stick in each one. Then, bring the water and sugar to a boil and add the remaining ingredients. Cook 10-15 minutes. In order to be sure it is done, use a small spoon and take a few drops of the mixture and put them in cold water, or put the spoon under the tap with running cold water. The mixture should caramelize immediately. Put the apples in the hot syrup and make sure it is evenly applied on all sides. Finally put the apples on a metal tray (a plate or pan) to dry. When they are dry, caramelized apples are ready for tasting.

Caramelized apples can be wrapped in cellophane and given away to friends and relatives so as to remind them of wonderful childhood days. They won’t leave anyone indifferent, because the places where you can find this old dessert are now very rare.

Kristina Angeleska