Guide to SKOPJE

Sutlijas (rice pudding ) with grits

Here’s our simple recipe for sutlijas or rice pudding,  in case you haven’t prepared it in a long time. We hope that it will motivate you to rush off to the kitchen and cook this sweet but healthy dessert.


250gr rice

1 ltr  low-fat milk

2 dl water

200gr sugar

a cinnamon stick

1 packet of vanilla sugar

4 large spoonfuls of grits

a little cinnamon for decoration

Boil the rice in two deciliters of water. Mix the milk, sugar, vanilla sugar and cinnamon in another pot and slowly bring it to the boil. When the rice is cooked rinse it with cold water and put it in the hot milk. Mix the grits with two spoonfuls of water and add it to the milk. Let the mixture simmer for another 15 minutes at low temperature.

Put the hot sutlijas in bowls and sprinkle it with cinnamon. Let it cool for a while and then take your spoons and enjoy.