Guide to SKOPJE



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Sutka 42.029042, 21.409703 Sutka

Every city in the world has quarts that differ from the rest of the city. They seem as if they have fallen to Earth from another planet or they have been brought from somewhere far away and strangely attached to the city. Skopje too has such a neighbourhood – Sutka. Songs have been sung about it, films have been made, countless stories have been told because Sutka is such a unique place. As you navigate round the crumbling houses with colourful facades you get the impression that you are wandering through afilm set specially built for a Hollywood movie.


Suto Orizari is the only Roma municipality in the world, but it is also the poorest municipality in Republic of Macedonia. Still, its people are among the most joyful and musical people you willever meet. In Sutka music comes blasting from every house and everybody can play at least one instrument. The locals will let you park in their yard for 30 denars (€0.5) and in the largest open clothes market in Macedonia you can find cheap clothesthat aremost often imported from Turkey.