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Summer Festivals in Greece


These days I have been dreaming with a passionate, urgent desire to leave and go some place where I can enjoy the smell of the sea, the taste of different food, the flirtatious, charming wind on the beach and all of this combined with a good concert, film festival, theatre, dance… Therefore, I decided to browse through this summer’s events in (to me) irresistible Greece. I’d like to share them with you and possibly visit one or two. You never know, anything can happen, anything can be. J

International Film Festival of Patras City is a film festival for independent video and young artists.  It is open to people from all over the world who wish to show their work, express themselves, their thoughts and feelings. The Festival lasts from June 28th until June 30th. You can find more information on the official festival website.

How to get there: Patra is situated in the northern part of Peloponesos. It is 674 km from Skopje or 519 km from Bogorodica border crossing and the journey takes about 7 hours. It is 1063 km from Istanbul. You can take the border crossing at Ipsala and the journey usually takes over 8 hours. Or you can fly from Istanbul to Athens (the flight takes 1hour 12 min) and additional 2.5 hours from Athens to Patra.

The famous Lycabettus festival in Athens lasts throughout the summer. It is held in an old quarry at the highest point in the city. Its excellent acoustics, atmosphere and energy have been felt by huge musical figures such as Bob Dylan, BB King, Patty Smith, Paco De Lucia and many more. You can get to the theatre on top of the hill by taxis which are waiting for customers at the foot of the hill, then you can take a ride on the funicular in Ploutarchou Street (it costs €3 for a one-way ticket) and those who are fit can walk to the top in 30 – 45 minutes.

How to get there: Skopje – Athens is 710 km through Bogorodica border crossing which means about 7 hours in the car, and we don’t have much information about a cycling tour. J Istanbul – Athens via Alexandroupolis is 1100 km or 11 hours in the car. A flight from Istanbul to Athens takes 1 hour 12 minutes, and from the airport to Ploutarchou Street there is 32 kilometres.

River Party Fesrival – Nestorio, Kastorias is one of the oldest music festivals outside of Athens.  It is held in Nestorio, Kastorias (north – western Greece) on the banks of the river Haliacmon.Visitors from Greece and other countries have an opportunity to enjoy good scenography and music, camping and swimming for five days.

How to get there: Nestorio is 501 km from Athens, 5 hours 35 minutes by car. Istanbul – Nestorio is 802 km, 8 hours 13 minutes by car. Skopje – Nestorio through Medzitlija border crossing (Bitola) is 285 km or 3 hours 50 minutes by car. For further information visit the official festival website.

Ana Sekulovska