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Sultan Murat Mosque

Sultan Murat Mosque

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Sultan Murat Mosque 42.001508, 21.441429 Sultan Murat Mosque

Sultan Murat Mosque is the oldest surviving mosque in Skopje and the Balkans probably. It has survived two fires, including the one ordered by Piccolomini, and the earthquake in 1963, but it stands proudly testifying the Ottoman history of the city, although its appearance differs greatly from the original building. Sultan Murat mosque was built in 1436 in the same place where there used to be a monastery dedicated to St. George. It is also known as “Hunkar Mosque” (which means Imperial) because it is the only mosque in Skopje whose founder was a Sultan.

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You can reach it navigating through a maze of narrow streets and it is really difficult to find without help from the locals. It is still a functioning religious facility because it is still a mosque with an unusual interior in the form of a square with a lot of small details. Very few citizens of Skopje know that the city has a clock tower located in the backyard of Sultan Murat Mosque.

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The clock tower is mentioned in the travelogues of many travelers, including Evliya Celebi, and it was described as one of the most attractive architectural buildings in Skopje. There are exactly 105 steps to the top of the clock tower where you have a magnificent view of the city.