Guide to SKOPJE

Standing next to your own grave

An extraordinary event, which I would call a phenomenon, happened in the capital of Kosovo, Prishtina, in the Arberia neighborhood to be exact. If you are ever given a chance to pass by the Christian cemetery or you go to Arberia to visit the cemetery, you will find the grave of Mark Krasniqi, a famous person not only in Kosovo, but amongst all Albanians.

In this cemetery there is a grave with his picture engraved in the marble, his name and date of birth, but there is no date of his death and this is not a mistake or a just a coincidence, because he is still alive.Mark_KrasniqiA picture of Mark standing next to his grave (not as a ghost) and looking down at it appeared recently in Kosovo media and on the internet. Krasniqi says that he feels well, and he is even pleased because he knows where he will rest in peace.



This is digging a grave for myself, God rest my soul, he says jokingly. Death to me is normal and I think that every man is destined to die. Many peope want to know if he made a grave for himself because it is hard to find a grave spot in Kosovo so he needed to secure a place, or is there a different story behind it.

The renowned Academic calmly responds to the dilemma pointing out that people take care of their houses and apartments a lot more than they do for the places where they will spend eternity.

We Albanians are preoccupied with building a house he says, the bigger the better, so why wouldn’t I build a modern grave? Death is normal, it is the end of a lifetime and it doesn’t scare me at all.

Bedri Rexhallari