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Seven interesting facts about Turkish coffee

Having a cup of coffee is a daily ritual for most of us. Coffee lovers cannot start the day without this “magic” potion. Turkish coffee is considered part of our culture rather than just a drink. It is well-known for its distinctive way of preparation and traditional serving. It makes conversation easier and some would even say that a cup of coffee accompanies every gossip in town.


Balkon3 shares 7 facts you may not know about Turkish coffee:

1. Turkish coffee does not originate from Turkey

The first evidence of consumption of coffee come from Yemen in the 15th century. It spreads to Cairo and Mecca from there. Ottoman chroniclers of the period record that the first coffee shop opened in Constantinople in 1640. The name origins from the Arabic word “qahwah”. The importance of coffee in Turkish culture is evident in their word for breakfast –kahvaltiwhich literally translates as “before coffee”.

2. Foam means quality

If you want to know whether you are having a good quality coffee take a look at the foam on top of the cup. Unlike other types of coffee, Turkish coffee forms unique soft and plush foam on top which helps it stay warm for a long time.

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3. Water is important

A small glass of water is usually served with Turkish coffee. Have you ever wondered why? Drinking water before will help your taste buds feel the real taste of coffee, and after that it helps to rinse your throat from the unfiltered pieces of coffee.

4. Turkish delight improves the whole experience

The ritual is complete when all requirements are met: the shape of the cup, colour of the coffee and a piece of Turkish delight on the saucer. The sweet Turkish delight contrasts the bitter taste of coffee – which is especially important for those who take their coffee without sugar. As they say in Turkey “Eat sweet, talk sweet.”kafe seker lokum1_balkon3

5. Mothers-in-law are strict judges

Future brides beware: your future mothers-in-law have the right to evaluate and judge you all based on how you prepare and serve coffee. In fact, in many families it is the first test for the new bride. She prepares coffee for her mother-in-law and then waits for her judgment, so do your best to avoid the shame and gossip in public:)

6. Brides use salt

In Turkish tradition a way of determining the manhood of the future groom is to put salt in his coffee. The amount of salt the potential bride uses signals her feelings for her future husband. A lot of salt in the coffee indicates that the girl is not interested in the boy, a moderate amount indicates that the boy is fine, and a minimum amount shows that the boy stands a good chance and the girl is ready to be married. If the potential candidate drinks the whole cup of salty coffee he proves his manhood and willingness to marry the girl.kafe tursko ubav servis_balkon3

7. Turkish coffee is under UNESCO protection

Turkish coffee is on the Intangible Cultural Heritage list of the UNESCO.The decision was made at the Eighth Session of the Intergovernmental Committee of UNESCO held in 2103 in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

They say the more we do things with love, the more and longer we enjoy them. It is a longstanding tradition to greet guests with a cup of coffee and Turkish delight.

And it really is a treat: hot frothy coffee, a few pieces of Turkish delight (plain or with nuts) and your energy is restored!

To good health with Balkon3!

Kristina Angeleska