Guide to SKOPJE

Santorini and Istanbul among favourite travel destinations of Mozart of Computers


Children’s dreams are like a chest of gold, a starry ship with sails set high.  

Anything can happen there,  and all things come to life…

Children have the world in their hands and can travel anywhere at anytime. Believe it or not, but they experience exciting moments even when they sitting in the living room with their parents. They only need to close their eyes and have the most amazing adventures at the pyramids in Egypt, the Eiffel Tower in France or the Great Wall of China. Their imagination takes them to wonderful places they have seen on television, to places they have heard about in bedtime stories or read in a book. We all remember listening to this beautiful song when we were little children “Children’s dreams are like a chest of gold, a starry ship with sails set high.  Anything can happen there and all things come to life…” However, what is a dream for many children is a reality for Marko Calasan (14) from Skopje. Marko is the youngest Systems Administrator in the world and probably the youngest Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. “Best Schools ” organization has named Marko into the top 50 smartes teenagers world wide. He placed 6th.

This boy from Macedonia is called a genius, Mozart of computers or the next Bill Gates. He has a long line of success receiving diplomas and certificates. He is also author of a book and is preparing another one. Despite his success, Marko is still just a child dreaming of places and things, although he has had some of his dreams come true. He has travelled to many countries and seen beautiful places and now, before the summer holidays, young Marko reveals his favourite destinations to Balkon 3. He has already been to most of these cities and recommends we do the same, but there are still territories on his map that need to be marked.

Here are his five favorite destinations and his comments.

-One of the most beautiful places I have visited is Ljubljana. The main reason I like it is because it is a clean city. The air is also very clean. – Marko explains.

Marko in Slovenia

He says that he likes travelling to Slovenia probably as much as to Switzerland.

-Another place I like is Zurich it has lush landscapes and its mountains and lakes are really beautiful. Everything is precise in Switzerland, like nowhere else in the world. Train don’t run late, not even for a second, the streets are clean and the people have good manners. –  an honest statement from the young computer expert.

Marko in Zurich

Since it is the beginning of summer holiday season Marko decided to recommend a summer destination and that is beautiful Santorini.

-As a holiday destination I would recommend the island of Santorini in Greece. I like it because the sea is very nice, and the island has a rich history with all the volcanic eruptions that occurred there – a short history lesson from Marko.

Santorini, Greece

But there are some still unfulfilled dreams. Most people dream of far off places such as Hawaii or India, instead he chose a closer destination – Austria. He reveals that in September he will visit Vienna and check it on the list of places he has visited.

-I would love to visit Vienna because it is not a very big city, but there are many historical sites, museums and galleries which are great. In Vienna it would be easy to find inspiration for any project, also its economy is very stable – says Calasan.

He reveals to Balkon3 readers his desire to visit the biggest town in Turkey.


-I would like to visit Istanbul. Istanbul has a very important position in the region because of its geographical position, there are many unique places to visit and it has a very unique architecture. These are the places I like the most and places I would most like to see. – Mark ends its list of favourite destinations.

We hope Marko achieves many more successes in the world of computers and we wish you a pleasant stay at the destinations that he recommended.