Guide to SKOPJE

Same stage different cultures and sounds

Balkan countries will promote their culture through music, together, on the same stage on Macedonia Square in Skopje on 1st September. Musicians from all participating countries will perform the most heart-touching melodies of their traditional music heritage, accompanied by a philharmonic orchestra. TRT, Turkish national television, is festival organizer.

Balkan’s finest vocalists will fascinate folk music fans singing in duets for the first time. The festival lineup includes: Esma Redzepova and Ismail Lumanovski (Macedonia), Hanka Paldum (Bosnia and Hercegovina), Georgi Hristov and Teodosij Spasov (Bulgaria), Irma Libohova (Albania), Christo Papadopoulos (Greece), Mirko Svenda (Croatia), Suzan Kardes, Sukriye Tutkun and Serkan Cagri (Turkey).

Esma Redzepova

Suzan Kardes

The festival will promote Balkan counries  singing in unison, an evening of differences and similarities blending together. The official language of the festival will be the language of friendship.