Guide to SKOPJE

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Are you traveling somewhere in the Balkans, or intending to?

Maybe Turkey, Greece, Macedonia or the surrounding countries?
But you can’t find sufficient information about the places where you’re going?
About what you’ll find there, what kind of restaurants, accommodation, nightlife, how to find cheaper or better accommodation, are the cultural and historic monuments open for visitors, how does the public transport work, are the cab drivers likely to rip you off, or the street vendors?
What you should be careful about, and what you should enjoy? Do you find yourselves unable to find enough answers to some questions concerning your trip?

Join our Traveler’s Forum. Ask what you want to know, and our team will try to provide the answer as soon as possible.
Do you know the answer to somebody else’s question? Share it with us and with the one asking for help.
Do you, perhaps, have an interesting story from your trip? Tell us.


The Balkon 3 team