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Rare scenary of Ohrid – Wonderful in winter too

The residents of ancient Ohrid, the city situated in the heart of the mountains Galicica and Jablanica in the southwestern part of Macedonia, are not accustomed to harsh winters. This region has a combination of the Mediterranean and continental climate, and the four million years old lake located almost 700 meters above the sea level, keeps the heat which is accumulated during the summer sunny days.

But this year, the people from Ohrid are faced with Siberian winter, which despite the heavy snow also brought  polar temperatures sometimes falling up to -18 degrees Celsius. The snow that fell recently managed to “warm up” the weather, but it caused many headaches for the locals. The roads are slippery and the pavements are blocked with ice and snow.


The steep and the narrow alleys in the old part of the town where the numerous cultural and historic landmarks are located, are unavailable for the services of the public hygiene, so the citizens are forced to clean their yards with shovels and provide some accessible pathways to their homes.

The sailors also have problems with the maintenance of the boats. However, this cold weather has its positive side. The most beautiful city in Macedonia looks magnificent even in winter and no one is indifferent  to this snowy idyll.

Goran Momiroski