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Radusa – where Bosnia ends and Herzegovina begins


Scorching temperatures suggest that summer has arrived early this year, but these recent photos of Radusa mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where snow still persists at an altitude of nearly 2,000 meters, claim the opposite.

Radusa is a natural border where Bosnia ends and at the foot of the mountain Herzegovina begins. It has a fantastic view of lake Rama and one gets the feeling that winter is still present here. Radusa is a fascinating mountain stretching between Vukovsko field in the north-west, Zahum pass and artificial lake Rama to the south, Stozer mountain  to the north-east and Maklen ridge to the east.

Members of the local Croatian Mountaineering Society – HPD Rama have recently managed to climb Idovac, the highest peak of this mountain (1,956 meters), where there is a fantastic view of beautiful lake Rama.

Snow still covers the peaks of Radusa, as well as the nearby mountain of Vranica where snow is known to persist even in the summer months. However, these images of Radusa under snow are actually a sign of spring, as this area has heavy snow falls in winter, with an average of over 80 cm during 120 days of the year.

Enjoy the photos that will make you fall in love with the mountain.

Radusa7 Radusa6 Radusa5 Radusa4 Radusa3 Radusa2 Radusa1 Radusa8

Author of the text: Lupiga

Photos: Ante Beljo / HPD Rama