Guide to SKOPJE

Quest for the fountain of Gostivar

A fountain stands in Gostivar,

Oh, what a fountain, a fountain of souls,

Gostivar girls gather, each a chosen one,

My soul is burning and I cry…

These verses come from an old Rumelian song whose author is unknown. It is about a love story taking place at an unusual fountain whose waters spread around the scent of love. The tune and lyrics are quite catchy and the song has been part of the tradition for decades. It is an essential part of every wedding party stirring emotions and creating lovely atmosphere, and when the bride comes from Gostivar it becomes even stronger and more meaningful.


In its quest for the fountain Balkon3 visited Gostivar. It was a rainy day and we roamed the narrow streets hoping to pass by it and see the beautiful girls mentioned in the song. Unfortunately, despite our efforts we could not find the “Fountain of Souls”. However, Balkon 3 readers will not be denied the opportunity to see the beautiful town at the foot of Mount Shar. Here is Gostivar, as the name suggests “a town of many visitors, a hospitable town”.

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Text and photo: Husamettin Gina