Guide to SKOPJE

Premiere of Skopje remix

The Macedonian audience will be able to see the long avaited music-film omnibus Skopje Remix on 30th of April. The project is made of of nine short films that were created the group of  young avant-garde filmmakers like Borjan Zafirovski, Darijan Pejovski, Gjorce Stavreski, Srdjan Janikievic, Ognen Dimitrovski, Sasa Stanisic, Vardan Tozija, Sinisa Eftimov and Bojan Trifunovski.

According to the authors, the main driving force of this film is the indestructible spirit of Skopje. Although Skopje does not have superheroes as Gotham City’s Batman and Superman from  Metropolis, all its citizens are some kind of a superheroes. Despite all the economic and other constraints in the last 15 years, they always manage to find a way to have fun, to fall in love, to experience a little joy and happiness and to trick the bleak reality that is constantly darkened by the world.

Starting from today a free download of the official soundtrack made by a number of bands and musicians will be available at the site of PMG recordings.