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Predrag Lucić and Boris Dežulović – „Melodies of coma and Komora“


It was almost uncertain that something bigger than a neadle could have been dropped at the recently opened pub in Zagreb named „No Sikiriki,“ where one Saturday evening a crowd of more than hundred people have gathered, eager to hear „The melodies of coma and Komora,“ performed by Predrag Lucić and Boris Dežulović.lucic_dezulovic_melodije

The highly trained duo wowed the audience, but nothing less was expected of them. While trying to avoid some overused phrases here,  it should be mentioned that there was a huge quantity of positive energy among the audience that hasn’t been seen at one place for awhile. A small crew of people working for the web site Lupiga also attended the gig at „No Sikiriki,“ and recorded and edited „Melodies of coma and Komora“ at LuDež studio. For a start please take a look at the following recording.

„I would like to thank everyone for helping a friend of mine’s prognosis to come true as he said that due to the wonderful weather report in Zagreb there will be less people in attendance than expected,“ said the first voice of this duet, Predrag Lucić, and after that, without any protraction, together with „the guy on the right from Lucić who only opens his mouth,“ he began the first song, announcing that it is the oldest song that they are going to perform. Apparently „Euroslavia“ was written in 1994 and was published in the now closed Feral Tribune, which we were reminded by Dežulović with his T-shirt that had the well known Feral’s logo imprinted.


Those moments were just an introduction for a fantastic night that followed at „No Sikiriki,“ from which, as we noticed, no one left unsatisfied. For almost three hours Lucić & Dežulović delighted those that were lucky to get an entrance at this cafe, and within that exhaustive repertoire, a  space was found for Dežulović to read a few lines from his achingly beautiful book of poems, titled „Songs from Lora.“

Considering that the subject, apart from the issue with the Cyrillic alphabet, is something that has preocupied the Croatian public mostly, in the last few months, certainly wasn’t avoided nor the apparent nod towards the „In the name of the family“ initiative and its sympathizers in the form of the following verses: „In the universe all is clean, the same doesn’t strive for the same, there is no flip side there, and the Cosmos is not a gay“ that was also published at Feral, titled as „ZNASA launches members of HDZ party into space because there aren’t any homosexuals there. Not to worry, neither Marko Perković Thompson was neglected,  to whose songs we heard a versification of, such as „Dylan, My Dear Crony,“ including a few songs that otherwise, as according to the members of LuDež, they never perform in Croatia.

What follows is a 20 minute recording at Lupiga, that we hope will assure you that performances by Lucić and Dežulović are a blast and that they should always be attended whenever possible.

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