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Postman who ran 220 kilometres

All postmen are marathon runners. They travel tens of kilometres on foot day by day and the hero of this story is one such man. Everybody in Veles knows Trajce Mihov, and there is nothing strange about that because everybody knows their postman. However, the peculiar thing about Trajce is the fact that he is probably the only postman in the world who has run 220 kilometres in 24 hours. He is a marathon runner and a certified one. In October 2013 Trajce came first in the Belgrade Ultramarathon. He is so modest and unobtrusive that he doesn’t want to speak about this as an achievement.

trajce maratonec

Trajce started working as a postman 13 years ago and his profession was the reason he got interested in marathon running. He says he loves his job, especially when he brings people good news. Balkon 3 team had an opportunity to see that Trajce is always running in a hurry, whether he is wearing shorts and sneakers or his postman uniform. He was also running during the making of this video.

Mirko Trajanovski