Guide to SKOPJE

People are looking for a safe place in Turkey and France awaiting “Doomsday”


Long lines of cars are heading for Sirince, Turkey and Bugarach, France, places which, according to Mayan prophecy, will be spared on Doomsday set for 21.12.2012.

The long-awaited end of the world is supposed to happen in just a few days. According to Mayan calendar the Apocalypse is due on 21st December 2012, still, there will be no destruction only in Sirince, a village near Izmir, Turkey and Bugarach, a village in the south of France. “If all those tourists arrive as they say they will, I think it will really be the end for our village” – say hoteliers in the village. 

Sirince, a small village near Izmir, has a population of 687 people who have finished their preparations for thousands of souls who wish to survive the Apocalypse. Tens of thousands of tourists are expected to arrive in the village on 21st December and they all take the end very seriously.

Security at maximum level

“Sirince is fully prepared for Doomsday.” – says Ayhan Boyaci the Governor of Selcuk. “Hotel bookings have increased dramatically. Sirince has always been a tourist destination but this demand is something completely different. We are taking the usual safety measures, too. Hospitals, public safety services and traffic services are ready, and we have provided enough parking spaces. Security forces are ready for Doomsday.” – says he.


Water and oil reserves

The Mayor of Sirince is extremely happy. The whole world will hear about this little village. “This will be the biggest and oddest organizational project in the region. I cannot predict if our infrastructure will endure. We have taken measures in storing food and water reserves. We have contacted mobile operators in order to avoid breakdown in communication. We will need more mobile phone base stations. Traffic will be redirected into one-way streets in order to avoid traffic jams.” – says Mayor Vefa Ulgur.

1000 Turkish Lira for accommodation (€ 450)

The enormous demand made prices rise significantly. Mustafa Yildirdi, owner of Kirkinca Hotel says: “Hotels and lodgings in Sirince are usually small with just a few rooms and beds. We have 17 rooms and there aro no free beds from 18th to 24th December. They were all booked two months ago. We did not raise our prices. The price for a room per day is 150 TL (€65), but we heard that other lodgings have raised their prices up to 1000 TL (€450)” – he added.

“Reasonable measures should be taken. If so many people arrive as announced, then the village will see its Doomsday. I wanted to put up tents for 2000 people but I gave up on the idea. Sirince has the capacity to accommodate 400 to 500 people.” Maybe we should redirect traffic out of the village and prevent cars from entering here. Three weeks ago, I promised that staying in my hotel will be free on that day and it was booked immediately.” – says Sevan Nisanyan, hotel owner. (H.G.)