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Walnut tree – more than just deep shade and healthy food


The walnut tree is a strong, long-lived, broad-leaved tree with wide branches as if trying to reach to the sky. Its shadow is deep, leaves are dense, it is imposing and resistant to thunder and storms. These facts are well known to all of us. We have also read hundreds of articles about the nutritious and medicinal values of the walnut fruit. Balkon 3 team had an opportunity to participate in the process of collecting nuts, manually, of course. But before you enjoy the photos, take a moment to read a short story about this popular tree. You’ll be surprised to find that the walnut tree is not all about deep shades and healthy food.

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Did you know that the walnut tree has an important place in the life of a famous Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet? Namely, the poet arranged a meeting with his girlfriend in Gulhane Park under a walnut tree. On the day of the meeting, Nazim went to the park and stood under the walnut tree waiting for his girlfriend. At that time, a police patrol happened to be passing by. Since there was an arrest warrant against him, Nazim Hikmet was hiding from the police and at that moment there was nothing else for him to do but climb up in the tree.
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In the meantime, Piraye arrived at the meeting place and stood under the tree completely unaware of what was going on around her. Nazim could not reveal himself because of the presence of the police patrol and he could just sit high up in the branches of the walnut tree and write the following verses:

I am a walnut tree in Gulhane Park
Neither you are aware of this, nor the police
My leaves are my hands, I have one hundred thousand
I touch you with one hundred thousand hands, I touch Istanbul
My leaves are my hands, I watch in amazement
I watch you with one hundred thousand eyes, I watch Istanbul
Like one hundred thousand hearts, beat, beat my leaves…
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