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“Oriental cookie” – third in the world!

Metodi Perunkovski is a professional bartender who won third place in the World Cocktail Championship 2011 that took place in Warsaw.

When and how did you begin preparing cocktails?

– I started preparing cocktails even before I got my first job as a professional bartender and that was six years ago. Before that, preparing cocktails was just a hobby.

In every official cocktail competition you have to participate with a new cocktail of your own…

– In order to participate in any cocktail competition you need to have your own new cocktail. It must be a new kind of cocktail that you invented and you must prepare it during the competition. My first public appearance with my own cocktail was in the second National Cocktail Championship in 2009 with the “Hawaian Igt” cocktail. I have taken part in all the National Championships for bartenders so far. In the fourth National Cocktail Championship I won first prize, in 2010 in the Bartenders’ League I was second, and in the Marie Brizard Cocktail Competition I won third place. 

What kind of cocktails do you prefer preparing, and which present a challenge for you?

– Personally, I have not set any limitations regarding the type of cocktails I like to prepare. I enjoy preparing all kinds of cocktails, but it’s a real challenge for me to mix “before dinner” and “after dinner” cocktails. They are prepared in cocktail (martini) glasses and it is complex work to handle all the ingredients, since they are many and the glass is pretty small.

How did you come to participate in the World Cocktail Championship in Warsaw?  

– In the last World Cocktail Championship that was held in Warsaw, Poland in November I took part as National Champion of Macedonia and this was the greatest challenge in my career as a bartender so far. It was the 37th World Cocktail Championship where each bartender competed with a new cocktail that they invented. The total number of countries participating in the category “Classic” was 60, and there were 47 countries competing in the “Flair” category. Starting this year there is a new rule that participants competing in the category “Classic” must choose what subcategory the will be competing in, such as: before dinner, fancy, sparkling and after dinner. Macedonia competed in the after dinner category along with eleven other countries: China, Ireland, Greece, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Finland etc. We won third place although the outcome of the competition was uncertain until the very end.

What cocktail did you prepare to win third place?

– The cocktail I presented is called “Oriental Cookie” and for all cocktail aficionados here is the recipe:

2cl Havana 7

2cl Mozzart dark chocolate

1cl Kahlua

1cl Monin Cinnamon

Put some fresh cream on top and grated nutmeg. Decorate with orange peels and physalis.

What are you plans for the future after this success?

– I would like to represent Macedonia again in the next World Cocktail Championship that is going to be held in China. We were among the best competitors in Warsaw and this time I hope we reach the top.

Jordan Dukov