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Old Ramadan Bayram customs disappearing

Ramadan Bayram, the greatest of all Islamic holidays, is celebrated by Muslim believers round the world. After a month of fasting, during which the Islamic world abstained from food and drink each day from sunrise till sunset, Muslims began the celebration yesterday with the morning Bayram namaz (prayer) and it is traditionally celebrated for three days.

Yet nowadays, things have changed and at the mention of Bayram we immediately start thinking: Where is Bayram, where have the old customs gone? Those traditions that our parents and grandparents miss now, old customs of long gone Bayrams… What is it about the old days that we now miss?

There were many customs people practiced that are slowly fading away. Traditional sweet food for the holiday is baklava but people used to make all kinds of sweets. Whole families visited relatives, friends and neighbours. In front of every door there was a smiling old lady, welcoming  guests and children and giving them candy. Children kissed elders’ hands and got money or treats as present. Those days are gone. There are fewer children in the streets and they don’t seem to look forward to the holiday. In the past every child had to get up early, dress up in their new clothes and visit relatives and neighbours to offer greetings.

Bayram used to be an exciting holiday for the whole family. People showed respect for each other, smiled… they would forgive and forget all differences or animosities. None of that is left now and we are beginning to miss the old days and the old ways.

And here comes the question whether Bayram lost its appeal or have we started neglecting it? We don’t celebrate according to tradition, we abandon customs and sometimes one wonders whether it is a holiday or not.

Still, we wish all Muslims to spend this Ramadan Bayram in a merry, festive mood together with their closest family. Ramazan Bayrami Mubarek Olsun!!!

Nihal Beyadin