Guide to SKOPJE

Ohrid, May, Lake and Fish Stew


From the diary of a tourist…

I love Ohrid, although I come from Skopje. I love Ohrid especially in May. Ohrid in May is marvellous. Now, some might say that any city is beautiful in May, but in May, Ohrid is definitely much more beautiful than in July or August. It seems that the lake is more peaceful, the air is cleaner, the fish stew in restaurants lined along the old port is more tasty and  people are more hospitable… The city isn’t crowded with tourists so you can go for a walk by the lake and have your morning coffee in any of the cafès. You can see how I experienced Ohrid this May through my photos, but before you do, let me tell you a story. In one of the local markets I couldn’t find what I needed on the shelves so I asked the shop assistant for help. It took at least 5 or 6 minutes to find the product. She moved boxes, opened and closed refrigerators, looked into each corner and she was thrilled to finally find it: “Damn thing, you really gave me hard time looking for you!” – she cursed in her dialect with a big smile on her face. And now, enjoy the photos:

A promenade

Some walk …

… some take a boat.

Early morning, fish stew …

… with fresh bread and garlic sauce.

Flowers and flags

Good luck!

A photo of Ohrid that everyone has

Ohrid has monuments, so that tourists from Skopje feel at home.

Bird’s eye view

Worm’s eye view

Samuil’s Fortress photographed from the churchyard of St. Holy Mother of God Perivlepta

Behind reeds

Retired boat

Boat on vacation

Diversity of colours

Ohrid balcony