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Nine Greeks, thirty-five Turks and one Macedonian among the 1000 richest people in the world

“You can change the world. Act now.” This is the message that John Paul DeJoria, the wealthiest Greek in the world, sends to all developers around the globe. 

Forbes magazine listed nine Greeks, or billionaires of Greek origin, among the 1000 richest people. John Paul DeJoria with his company Hair Products is on the 276th place with net worth of $4 bn. Aristotelis Mistakidis, Glencore International is 418th with net worth of $2,2 bn. They are followed by banking magnate Spiro Latsis on 464th place; Philip Niarchos and his art collection on 491st place; George Mitchell, oil and gas led him to 578th place; John Catsimatidis, oil and real estate, listed as 634th; followed by Jim Davis, New Balance; Michael Jaharis, pharmaceuticals, and as 719th on the list is George Argyros, real estate.

The richest Greek on the latest list of billionaires by Forbes magazine is, once again,  John Paul Dejoria, whereas Spiro Latsis lost his first place as the richest Greek inGreeceto Aristotelis Mistakidis. The new Forbes list for 2013/2014 is starting this summer and it is going to be very interesting to see the changes.

The number of Turks among the 1266 wealthiest people on Forbes list, has also decreased. There were 39 Turkish citizens on last year’s list, whereas now they’ve come down to 35 including a Turkish businessman from the Turkish part of Cyprus. The owner of FIBA Holding, Husnu Ozyegin, has an estimated net worth of $3bn. and is currently the highest ranking Turk on the list, although he fell from 377th to 317th place. On the 401st place is Mehmet Emin Karamehmet President of Cukurova Holding. Murat Ulker the President of Yildiz Ulker, the company that purchased Godiva Chocolatier, moved up from 463rd to 418th place., followed by Mustafa Rahmi Koc, the owner of Koc Holding on 491st place. Rahmi Koc is well-known in Macedonia for his Ramstore shopping centres.

There is one Macedonian among the wealthiest people in the world on 521st place on Forbes list of billionaires. Michael Ilitch runs the largest business empire inMichigan. He owns the hockey club Detroit Red Wings, the baseball team Detroit Tigers and 15% of the NBA team Detroit Pistons. He is well-known for his chain of fast food restaurants Little Caesars Pizza with 4000 restaurants around the world.

Mexican businessman Carlos Slim is on top of the list again this year with estimated net worth of $69bn, followed by Bill Gates whose net worth is $61billion.   (D.C.)