Guide to SKOPJE

My mother’s Aubergine Moussaka

4 aubergines
2 onions
3 tomatoes
250 gr of ground beef
One coffee cup of vegetable oil
Salt/ pepper

Aubergines are skinned by leaving strips of coloured sections on each of them. They are sliced in 1 cm thick circles. They are allowed to stand in salty water for 10 minutes before being washed and squeezed. They are finally dried with paper towel and pan-fried in vegetable oil. Fried aubergines are transferred to a plate; excess oil is removed with a paper towel. In the mean time, onions and ground beef are browned in vegetable oil in a pan. Diced tomatoes are added. Salt and pepper are added and cooked.
Fried aubergines with their excess oil removed are placed in a pot. Mixture of ground beef, onions and tomatoes are added on top. Next, 2 sliced tomatoes and 2 glasses of water are added on top. A little olive oil is added and it is cooked for 20-25 minutes. Then it is ready to serve. Bon appetit.

Мine Еsen Еrgür